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PTZ 카메라

  • Dahua 는 네트워크 및 HDCVI PTZ 카메라를 모두 제공합니다. PTZ 카메라에는 팬, 틸트, 줌 기능이 탑재되어 넓은 영역을 감시하며 뛰어난 상세 정보를 제공합니다. 특수 분야에 적합한 포지셔닝 시스템, 부식 방지 카메라, 방폭 카메라와 같은 특수 카메라 또한 이용할 수 있습니다.

    Ultra 시리즈 카메라에는 고성능 센서, 강력한 광학 줌, 장거리 IR 조명 및 강력한 보호 성능이 탑재되어 고성능이 요구되는 분야에 적합합니다.

    Pro 시리즈는 가격 대비 성능의 균형에 중점을 둔 반면 Lite 및 Wi-Fi 시리즈는 소형 디자인과 경제적인 가격을 추구하는 사용자에게 적합합니다.

    Dahua PTZ 카메라는 운송, 정부, 도시 감시를 비롯해 다양한 업종에서 널리 사용되고 있으며 에베레스트산과 같은 극한의 환경을 견디며 내구성과 효과성을 입증했습니다.


    관련 솔루션

  • Current Challenges

    With a rise in demand for long-distance surveillance solutions, Large optical zoom PTZ cameras are gaining widespread usage. However, due to problems with algorithms currently employed in most cameras, users often experience the following issues while zooming:
    • Extreme blurriness
    • Shaking
    • Slow focus
    These problems heavily degrade the user experience. In surveillance monitoring applications, a blurry image which lasts for even a few seconds is enough to cause the loss of important information or evidence, and this fact renders many cameras useless for critical monitoring scenarios.
    Dahua PFA technology was created to solve these problems. PFA’s optimized zooming algorithms provide users with clear and steady video throughout the process of zooming, both in daytime and most nighttime scenarios, eliminating the possibility of missing any details.
    Slow focus

    About PFA Technology

    PFA, short for Predictive Focus Algorithm, provides a method to achieve continuous, high-precision focus during the entire zooming process. When the device is zooming, the technology analyzes the AF value curve transformation law under the subject distance curve, and adjusts different subject distances within the depth of focus, unifying the statistics to engage in precise subject distance adjustment, thus achieving clarity throughout the zooming process. PFA technology has innovatively introduced new methods of judgement to ensure the accuracy and predictability of the direction of subject distance adjustment. The result is a set of advanced focusing algorithms.
    Comparison of video with and without PFA

    Benefits from PFA Technology

    • Ensures clarity throughout the process of zooming
      Uses statistical analysis to stabilize the scene, enabling the device to preserve a clear image when zooming
    • Eliminates shaking during zooming
      Real time analysis and seamless adjustment of subject distance built into the algorithm logic allows for a rapid and stable transition from different subject distances.
    • Shortens Focus Time
      Due to the continuous execution of focusing algorithms throughout the zooming process, the device has already neared optimal focus upon zoom completion. After zooming, only fine incremental adjustments are needed ensure precise focus, thus substantially shortening focus time.

    The realization of PFA technology substantially improves user experience and increases product value.

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