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  • Dahua Ultra, Pro 및 Lite 제품군의 네트워크 레코더는 각기 다른 분야에 꼭 맞게 설계되었습니다. Ultra 시리즈 레코더는 최상의 성능과 최고의 품질을 제공합니다. Pro 시리즈는 중대형 규모의 사업체와 프로젝트에 완벽한 제품군으로 성능과 비용 사이의 균형을 맞춥니다. Lite 시리즈 레코더는 Dahua 의 품질 표준을 엄격하게 준수하면서도 최적의 비용 효율성을 제공하도록 설계되었습니다.

    Dahua 네트워크 레코더는 다양한 비디오 채널 성능과 물리적 크기를 갖추고 있어 여러 분야에서 사용하기에 편리합니다. 학교, 카지노, 복합 시설 등과 같은 환경에서 장치별로 최대 4U 크기의 채널 256개를 운영하며 높은 수준의 녹화 요구 사항을 충족하면서도 IP 스토리지를 추가할 필요가 없어 비용을 단축할 수 있습니다. 일반적으로 집 또는 소매점과 같은 소규모 사업체에서는 소규모 박스형 레코더를 사용해 장치별로 4개 채널을 운영합니다.


    관련 솔루션

  • 800m ePoE to reduce cabling & repeater costs

    ePoE Technology

    • Extended PoE transmission: 800m, 10Mbps, 13w or 300m, 100Mbps, 25.4w

    • Automatic set up, plug & play

    • Rich selection of IP Cameras, NVRs and Network Switches

    • Perfect for Analog to IP Migration: IP video, audio, control & power ( 4 in 1 ) over coax cable

    Dahua ePoE technology achieves long distance transmission of power, video, audio, and control signals over 800 meters at 10Mbps, or 300 meters at 100Mbps via Cat5 or coaxial cable through the use of advanced 2D-PAM3 coding modulation. Dahua ePoE technology offers a new way to accomplish long distance transmission between IP cameras and network switches. It enables more flexible surveillance system designs, improves reliability, and saves on construction and wiring costs.

    Dahua ePoE technology is suitable for both IP systems and low-cost analog-to-IP upgrades.

    The benefits for each use case are described as follows:

    A. ePoE over Network Cable

    Surveillance systems monitoring large spaces such as warehouses, parks, gardens, and outdoor parking lots feature camera locations that are dispersed and far from the control center at distances usually longer than 100 meters. The conventional approach is to add repeater devices to extend the transmission range. However, this increases equipment and installation costs as a power supply and junction box are required to install the repeater. It also makes the system harder to maintain and increases the risk of product failure.

    The Dahua ePoE IP system offers a very simple and effective solution. Dahua ePoE supports transmission of both power and video, audio, and control signals over up to 800 meters via traditional Cat5 Ethernet cable. It greatly simplifies network construction as only one cable is required to connect from the front-end to the back-end devices, which results in higher reliability and lower installation and maintenance costs for the whole system.

    B. ePoE over Coaxial Cable

    During the migration of analog surveillance systems to a network-based system, reusing existing coaxial cable can greatly reduce installation costs. The reuse of existing cables needs to address 3 issues: The IP video signal and RJ45 connection must be converted to be compatible with coaxial cable, the system needs to support the full length of the coaxial cables, and power must be transmitted over coaxial cable. The Dahua ePoE IP system addresses all of these issues, making it easy to reuse existing coaxial cable within an IP video system. The Power over Coaxial Extender LR1002 connects to the Ethernet port of IP cameras or network switches on the one end and coaxial cable on the other end. Dahua ePoE supports transmission of up to 1,000 meters over RG59 coaxial cable at 10Mbit/s, and delivers PoE power to the IP camera. It’s a simple and effective plug and play solution that can significantly reduce the cost of analog to IP migration.

    Dahua provides a complete solution for ePoE IP systems including IP cameras, NVRs, and network switches.

    The system has the following features:

    1.Extended PoE transmission: 800m @ 10Mbps & 13W or 300m @ 100Mbps & 25.5W

    2.Automatic set up, plug & play

    3.Perfect for analog to IP migration: IP video, audio, control & power (4 in1) over coax cable with LR1002 ePoE to BNC adaptor

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