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Dahua and AxxonSoft Cooperation Gains Momentum


Dahua and AxxonSoft build upon their long-term cooperation with new integration

HANGZHOU, CHINA/May 20, 2015 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China, announced that a wide range of network cameras, network video records, HDCVI digital video records and network PTZ cameras integrated with AxxonSoft platform.

With the seamless integration, AxxonSoft platform is able to support Dahua IP products both via proprietary integration protocols and ONVIF. This integration encompass Dahua IP products featuring video and audio streams support, multi-stream encoding, motion detection and wide number of analytics detectors, PTZ control, sensors / relays control and on-board storage (SD-cards in cameras or HDD in encoders).

Dahua has been consistently proven globally as reliable video surveillance and solution provider with rich innovation and technical excellence. The integration of AxxonSoft Software with the whole range of Dahua product line provides more comprehensive unique user experience and incident investigation possibilities around the world.

About AxxonSoft

Axxon is a major software developer that combines end-to-end, IP-based physical security management, intelligent video surveillance, and an enterprise-wide platform. We offer integrated, out-of-the-box vertical and horizontal solutions for governments, institutions and commercial enterprises.